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Luxurious villas and five-star hotels.

Lisbon appears to his guests as a city full of contrasts: friendly and discreet, modern and ancient, calm and noisy

Lisbon appears to his guests as a city full of contrasts: friendly and discreet, modern and ancient, calm and noisy. It’s always a pleasure to walk around the streets, drop by to one of the cosy cafes and stay there, watching the passing locals. One of the most greatest routes the city can offer is a simple ride on a regular tram that will bring you to the most interesting places, such as, for example, the route that passes the steep ascents of Alfama quarter.

Of course, Lisbon deserves a separate story – so many interesting stories can be told about its past and present: starting from remarkable architectural monuments through its unique atmosphere and incredible Portuguese phenomenon – Fado, to the most famous “pastel de Belem” – the most delicious local sweets, which the capital is also well known for. Nevertheless, besides that, we can do nothing but mention the other outstanding places.

The most privileged touristic destination in Portugal is situated in only 10 km from Lisbon. The Estoril Coast stretches its white sand beaches along the azure-blue oceanfront from Carcavelos to Guincho. The coast is also well known as “the land of two springs” due to its climate: hot in summer, but mild and sunny during the rest of the year.

Luxurious villas and five-star hotels, surrounded by eucalyptus groves and golden sandy beaches, represent Lisbon Riviera. Despite a large variety of day excursions Lisbon Riviera is widely known by its fascinating nightlife. Holidays in Cascais and Estoril are the perfect choice for those who want to combine the enjoyment of peace and magnificent nature coast with a rich entertainment program.

On the northern slope of the mountain range to the north-west of Lisbon lies a true jewel of Portugal – the city of Sintra – hidden between cliffs, forests and springs. Sintra is truly a green quiet area. Beautiful palaces and mansions offer visitors a magnificent panorama of the city.

Sintra has been a favourite place for Portuguese kings and aristocracy. If you walk down the streets of the old center, you will have the impression that you are in the city of artists due to a huge number of antique shops, art galleries and studios.

In Sintra many castles and palaces are preserved in their pristine condition. These palaces still have unique historical and artistic collections. With romantic landscapes, exotic parks and ancient forests on the background they stand still striking your imagination.

Going further to the North along the coast, you will still have to stop quite often to observe these breathtaking and remarkable places on your way: Mafra, Ericeira, Óbidos, Caldas da Rainha, Nazaré, Alcobaça, Batalha, Porto de Mos, Fátima, Tomar and many others. Do not miss anything! Behind every geographical name, there is an interesting story, magnificent views and stunning architecture. After visiting all these places, you can’t get rid of a feeling that you’ve been in a fairy tale.



  • Places of interest in Lisbon
  • Santa Justa Elevator (Elevador de Santa Justa)
  • Chiado (Chiado) elegant shopping area of ​​Lisbon.
  • Commerce Square (Praça do Comercio)
  • The Carmo Convent (Igreja do Carmo)
  • Scenic view point São Pedro de Alkantra (Miradouro de Säo Pedro de Alcantara)
  • Scenic view point of Santa Luzia (miradouro de Santa Luzia)
  • São Jorge Castle (Castelo de Säo Jorge)
  • Cathedral (Se Catedral de Lisboa)
  • Lisbon’s flea market  (Feira da Ladra)
  • National Museum of Ceramics (MuseuNacional do Azulejo)
  • Jeronimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos)
  • Tower of Belem (Torre de Belem)
  • National Carriage Museum (Museu Nacional dos Coches)
  • Liberty Avenue (Avenida da Liberdade)
  • Eduardo VII Park (Parque Eduardo VII)
  • The Águas Livres Aqueduct (Aqueduto das Águas Livres)
  • Vasco da Gama Bridge (17km) (Expo 98 th Ponte Vasco da Gama)
  • Oceanarium ( Oceanário de Lisboa )


  • Places of interest in Sintra:
  • Royal National Palace (Palácio Nacional)
  • Palace and park Pena (Palácio da Turnip)
  • The National Palace of Queluz (Palácio de Queluz)
  • Palace and park Montserrat (Palácio de Monserrate)
  • Palace de Seteyash (Palácio de Seteais)
  • Quinta da Regaleira (Quinta da Regaleira)
  • Castle of the Moors (Castelo dos Mouros)
  • Capuchin Monastery (Convento dos Capuchos)
  • Cape Roca (Cabo da Roca)


From Lisbon to the north:

  • Cascais and Estoril (Cascais e Estoril)
  • Mafra Palace and Monastery (Palácio Convento Mafra)
  • Ericeira (Ericeira)
  • Obidos Castle (Castelo de Óbidos)
  • Monastery in Batalha (Mosteiro da Batalha)
  • Fátima place of pilgrimage for Catholics.
  • The Monastery of the Knights of Christ in Tomar (Convento da Ordem de Cristo e Castelo Templário de Tomar)
  • Stalactite caves in Mira de Aire (Mira de Aire)
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Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully as they apply to all reservations effect on services in Brazil and will be applied in accordance with our policy.


1.1 - When you book a provision of service through one of our sites, your reservation will be confirmed within a maximum of 20 minutes after full payment has been identified by our system, being parceled out or not; this time will be effective a binding contract, and understand that you have read and accepted all of our policies, terms and conditions.

1.2 - The contract is subject to these terms and conditions of booking, all booking conditions will apply.

1.3 - We will send all relevant documentation via email and it is important to carefully check all details of your reservation once received. The FERRAZ GROUP shall not be liable for any information we can not send due to us have provided an invalid e-mail address.

Prices are quoted in the currency you choose. We reserve the right to change prices at any time before your reservation be effective, but the reserves will be completed free from any price changes.
Payment is required at time of booking unless otherwise agreed by both parties.


3.1 - We can adjust prices over time. Prices may decline as well as rise, you will be able to determine its price as of the date selected by choosing before confirming your reservation. We guarantee that within the standard of quality we provide our services, we will always have the best price.

3.2 -We guarantee that once you have made your reservation, we will not increase the value of your reservation and not -incluiremos no extra fee, even if we come to have any changes in government fees and taxes.
Please note once you have agreed a price and made your booking this is the price you pay.


4.1 - If you would like to change the details of your reservation made, including your date of arrival or departure as well as the time, you can easily do this by going to the Customer Support area of ​​our website that you used to make the reservation .

4.2 - All transportation service changes must be made at least 72 hours before the contracted service. **
** Under certain circumstances FERRAZ GROUP understands that a number of factors may be beyond the control of our customers and therefore in such circumstances, we will do our best to accommodate any changes, even if the time for change has expired.


Cancellation fees may apply according to the following situations:

5.1 - Our customers canceling works like this - cancellations FERRAZ GROUP informed in writing via email to before 72 hours that precede the previously confirmed time and accepted by the parties of service, we consider "WARNING IN TIME "with 100% guarantee refundable. The amount will be reversed to your credit card.

5.2 - Our customers canceling works like this - cancellations FERRAZ GROUP informed in writing via email to within 72 hours that precede the previously confirmed time and accepted by the parties of service, we consider " WARNING LATE "guaranteed 50% refundable. The amount will be reversed to your credit card.

5.3 - Our customers canceling works like this - cancellations SAMPLERIO informed in writing via email to with only 24 hours that precede the previously confirmed time and accepted by the parties of service, we consider " NO SHOW "and will not be refunded any amount.


6. 1 - We know that the flights or any other means of transport may be delayed. In relation to flights where possible contact to inform the delay, but if you can not get in touch, our automated system will monitor your flight and let us know exactly when your flight will land. However, if any changes or updates to your flight for any reason, please contact printed emergency phone in your reservation as soon as possible to provide us with the information on your itinerary.

6.2 - On domestic flights Our drivers will wait for you until 40 minutes from time given arrival by the client when requested the service, we will offer complimentary this time, starting this waiting time waiting fee will apply for each hour 25% of the total "transfer in".

6.3 - On international flights Our drivers will wait for you until 60 minutes from time given arrival by the client when requested the service, we will offer complimentary this time, starting this waiting time waiting fee will apply for each hour 25% of the total "transfer in".

6.4 - In the event our arrears policy works as follows: the driver can only wait for a maximum of 15 minutes, because we understand that transport services for events, fairs and congresses etc. It involves more than one person and we can not penalize other clients in the group for delays beyond 15 minutes offered as a courtesy.

6.5 - In the case of a return flight or connections between airports is lost due to a delay with the shuttle service that is out of control of FERRAZ GROUP or partners are not liable for additional costs and no compensation will be due.

7 - In requested hours available services, we have the mileage allowance (KM) established as follows:

  • 6 hours------- 80Km
  • 7 hours--------80Km
  • 8 hours------- 100Km
  • 9 hours--------100km
  • 10 hours -------110km
  • 11 hours ------ 110km
  • 12 hours -------120Km
  • Next 13 hours remain to 120Km

7.1 - If there is any kilometer (KM) extra in accordance with our franchise, add per kilometer exceeded the value of R $ 2.00.


8.1 - How to FERRAZ GROUP acts as a booking agent we have no liability for any of the services arrangements and, in particular, any liability for any illness, injury, death or loss of any kind, unless caused by our negligence .

8.2 - We inspect our vehicles or our partners to ensure they are always of high quality, and are completely safe in accordance with Brazilian law. However, whilst every care being taken, some accidents or incidents may occur and you will be solely at your own risk and can not claim loss or damage when we are not directly responsible or negligent.

8.3 - For all the vehicles possess insurance, customers are therefore advised to check their own travel insurance.


9.1 - The FERRAZ GROUP or partners can not accept responsibility for services not rendered due to incorrect information provided at time of booking.

9.2 - When making your reservation, please follow the dates and timetable, as shown in their flight details, which will avoid the confusion that can be caused by flights in the morning, very early.

9.3 - It is also your responsibility to have valid travel documents such as your passport. If we or our shipping partner are fined as a result of you holding incorrect documents, we will ask you to pay this amount.

9.4 - We strongly recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance for the duration of their stay in Brazil.


The FERRAZ GROUP will always make every effort to meet your requests.

We reserve the right to terminate any reservation of any client whose behavior when in our opinion, is likely to cause annoyance, distress or danger to other customers, drivers or others.


12.1 - When you book a shuttle service by FERRAZ GROUP, accept responsibility for any damage to the vehicle you are paying the service is caused by you or anyone else to use the service.

12.2 - We reserve the right to terminate the service booked because of his misconduct, after evaluating the situation. In these circumstances, the cancellation fees will be applied and will not be given any refund. In addition, FERRAZ GROUP will have no obligation to pay compensation or have any costs or expenses you may have had or will have as a result of the service being terminated.

12.3 - You agree to indemnify us against any claims (including legal costs) made against us or on behalf of FERRAZ GROUP and its partners. Finally, you are also responsible for repairing financially in the situation that the vehicle be damaged in that is your responsibility.


13.1 - If you have problems with service delivery, while in Brazil, you should get in touch immediately with the FERRAZ GROUP or call the number of emergency service 24 hrs shown on the voucher booking confirmation in order to allow us have the opportunity to resolve the problem.

13.2 - In the event that the matter is not sufficiently corrected you should put your complaint in writing to our Customer Relations Department within 14 days after the incident. Please note if you send your complaint after DE14 days of termination, it can not be accepted and that the matter can not be investigated.

13.3 - Upon receipt of your complaint by our Customer Relations Department, they will identify the issue, which soon after, will be investigated and you will receive a full written response within 28 days. (Please note that the 28 days start from the date of receipt)

13.4 - If you incur additional expenses and believe that should be paid by FERRAZ GROUP, we will analyze the claims made by invoices or receipts submitted expenditure that claim to be our fault. Please note that receipt of these invoices or receipts not automatically mean that we will cover these extra expenses.


14.1 - FERRAZ GROUP is not liable for circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to force majeure; mechanical failure, road condition or road closed and weathering.

14.2 - FERRAZ GROUP will endeavor to meet your needs, even under such circumstances mentioned above.

14.3 - FERRAZ GROUP for security reasons does not provide cots or highchairs. The customer can install their own safety seat.

14.4 - FERRAZ GROUP BRAZIL not assume any liability for any lost or forgotten object. Please verify that they are carrying all your belongings before releasing the driver. As a courtesy, we will make every effort to locate your item and send it to where it is determined, but the costs will be for your account.

14.5 - In times of national holidays or major events inform you that for this specific period our values ​​may be subject to charges.

15. It is not allowed to smoke inside vehicles


Objects and or left or forgotten documents will not be the responsibility of FERRAZ GROUP. Please check that you are carrying all your belongings before releasing the driver. As a courtesy, we will make every effort to locate your item and send it to where it is determined, but the costs will be for your account.

In the event of any dispute our liability shall not exceed the rate provided for the shuttle service. Any dispute will be subject to Brazilian law.

The FERRAZ GROUP is a specialized leasing company and passenger transport services with completely ONLINE platform that aims to be the best company in your industry


1.1 - Aim high standards of services

1.2 - Commitment to punctuality

1.3 - Ability to accept reservation requests 24 hours a day, 07 days a week.

1.4 - All partners have access to our scoring program, where those who obtain the highest score will be given priority in the services offered when they reach a score from 100 points on.

1.5 - The criteria will be reviewed by our team based on the positive feedback from our customers, which in our platform assess the quality of care received.

1.6 - We reserve the right to change at any time the form and criteria of such assessments without notice.

1.7 - All transparently receive the request category which is registered. The e-mails are fired simultaneously. Therefore, we recommend everyone to always have with your emails open on their phones, tablets, computers or any media online where they can check their e-mails.

However, we know that the best way is to use the phone with unlimited internet access and e-mail account saved in your device with audible warning automatically receive e-mails.

1.8 - The partner who first confirm the request of the service on our platform by clicking the link that is in the received e-mail, have access to the driver's voucher with all the data of the service to be made.

1.9 - Mandatory Clothing (in dark suit and tie hue)

1:10 - It is mandatory that all partners are well presented with its completely clean vehicles and 20 minutes before the "transfers" and 15 minutes in the hours available, avoiding delays

1.10.a - It is mandatory that any partner provide any card or other means of communication with our customers as business cards, writing papers or any other form of individual advertising.
The exchange phone numbers are allowed only when the client has lost contact partner (driver) and the actual client requests for better communication between the parties, using only in situations where the service provided is of hours available.

1:11 - carefully will select partners and suppliers; ensuring a high level of service.


2.1 - Our cancellation with partners, employees and suppliers are given as follows - cancellations informed by FERRAZ GROUP within 24 hours that precede the previously confirmed time and accepted by the parties of the service, consider "WARNING TIME" only one withdrawal without payment any value of the agreed services between and PARTNERS GROUP Ferraz.

2.2 - Our cancellation with partners who are informed by FERRAZ GROUP within 24 hours to the start time, previously acknowledged and accepted by the parties of service, consider "WARNING LATE" and pay the partners 50% of the agreed value between FERRAZ and PARTNERS GROUP

2.3 - Our cancellation with partners who are informed by BOOKCAR within 12 hours to the start time, previously acknowledged and accepted by the parties of service, consider "NO SHOW" and will pay to partners 100% of the amount agreed between the FERRAZ GROUP and PARTNERS.

2.4 - Payments to suppliers and partners shall be made weekly with day cut every Wednesday. Being informed by email and in your account PARTNERS made the deposit or transfer.

2.5- The policy is applied to all suppliers and partners, acting in the company's premises and off in time to provide services for FERRAZ GROUP or represent third parties.

2.6 - We have the commitment of all of the policy and values ​​to the public that we relate.

2.7 - All partners and suppliers must completely fill out the form provided and send the required documents to the platform so that your registration is accepted; and start receiving service requests soon.

2.8 - All partners will have access to the same information during a service hiring process.


All partners to give up the agreed services shall do so always up to 48hrs before the day of service, after analyzing the reason for the withdrawal penalty may be loss of points and even the cancellation of the account FERRAZ GROUP


4.1 - Every partner should be based on the codes of conduct and fundamental ethical behavior, valuing transparency, dignity of the human person and of the whole society.


5.1 - Promote continuous improvement in our processes and training of our employees.

5.2 - Satisfy customers by ensuring our services, acting with transparency and objectivity, ensuring the positive results of FERRAZ GROUP

5.3 - provided quality services, satisfying our customers with great service.


6.1 - Providing our partners training and adequate environment, creating ideal conditions for them to remain motivated and prepared to perform services with high efficiency.

6.2 - The FERRAZ GROUP values ​​the dignity of the human person. We must promote the welfare of all and maintain relationships based on cordial and respectful behavior. All our actions must be transparent, responsible and reliable, always seeking the fair and equal treatment.

6.3 - In FERRAZ GROUP there is room for preferences, favoritism or discrimination of any kind, either in color function, race, gender, age, religion, political belief, sexual orientation, marital status, social or hierarchical position, and any form of prejudice;

6.4 - abusive attitudes (gestures, words or behaviors) that threaten the physical or moral integrity of anyone will be evaluated and the third party will have its registration canceled our platform


7.1 - Our work environment is characterized by respect, commitment and appreciation from our partners. We believe it is important to have motivated and skilled partners in order to offer quality services.

7.2 - we emphasize the importance of teamwork.

7.3 - Access to direct communication with our board.


8.1 - The FERRAZ GROUP cares about the safety, well-being and development of its suppliers and partners.

8.2 - We always strive to meet all the deadlines of payments to our partners; It will be our priority, so keep your registration information up to date.

8.3 - promptly collect the tax, pension and social security contributions for employees hired in our tables not being valid for partners.

8.4 - We will provide training and development through classroom courses or online.

8.5 - promote awareness campaigns and guidance on the procedures and necessary precautions that should be followed to carry out their respective functions. We expect responsible behavior of partners.

8.6 - Respect the law.

8.7 - Know and comply with policies and regulations.

8.8 - Do not share passwords.

8.9 - Be respectful when making comments on other partners, suppliers and customers; not to continue indiscreet and unpleasant conversations.

8:10 - Do not consume alcoholic beverages as well as being under its effect, during working hours, even in the range of time for rest and meal.

8:11 - Do not smoke while the provision of any service.

8:12 - We work continuously to promote the improvement of our processes and training our partners and suppliers. Maintaining our certifications reflects the quality of our services.

8:13 - The Selection / contracting partners is carried out based on technical, professional and ethical, without any privilege or favor.

8:14 - Privacy and confidentiality of all data and information that may have access, Let's FERRAZ GROUP or our customers.

8:15 - Using the FERRAZ GROUP or any affiliated site, you agree to our policies and terms that will be effective immediately.

8:16 - If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following policies, terms and conditions, please do not access and / or use FERRAZ GROUP or an affiliated site.

8:17 - FERRAZ GROUP may change these policies and terms at any time by posting changes online. Please revise our platform regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes made by FERRAZ GROUP. Your continued use of FERRAZ GROUP or an affiliated site after changes are posted will understand that you agree with them.

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